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We provide homes & businesses with green energy across the nation with our expert renewable energy team.

What we offer

Solar System Installation

Harness the sun’s power with our bespoke Solar solutions.

Solar Energy Storage Solutions

Expand your solar potential and maximise your energy savings.

Electric Vehicle Chargers

We install cost-effective and convenient electric vehicle chargers.

Save on your energy bills

The energy generated from your solar system helps power your home or business, reducing the amount of electricity used. This can result in significant savings on energy bills over time.

Slash your carbon footprint

Solar energy is renewable, meaning it comes from a natural source that is constantly replenished. Solar power does not produce any emissions, pollutants or greenhouse gases, which makes it environmentally friendly. 

Sell back to the grid

Offset your installation costs and electricity bills by selling back surplus electricity to the grid. The energy generated from your system helps power your home or business, reducing the amount of electricity used.

Some energy suppliers allow users to top up their batteries during off peak hours such as 2am until 5am and then power their homes from the battery, selling any surplus during peak hours at a higher rate. Making money by selling back to the grid during peak times.

Increase your property value

Not only does going solar improve a home’s energy efficiency, it also makes the property more attractive to buyers who are looking to purchase an energy-efficient home. Afterall, who doesn’t like buying a property where the electricity bills have been massively reduced due to a solar panel array on the roof.

Why choose us

Reliable and Efficient Solutions

We source panels and energy storage solutions from top manufacturers, guaranteeing optimal performance and durability for your home.

Expert Consultation

We work with you to assess your energy needs against your property’s solar potential to provide you with expert recommendations

Seamless Installation

Whether it’s a residential, commercial or industrial installation, we prioritise the highest safety standards to ensure efficient installation every time.

Let the sun pay your bills

Start Your Solar Journey Today.

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